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How to download Bit Torrents


This assumes that you have downloaded the Bit Torrent program and installed it.

I use the  Shadow BT experimental v S-5.8.11


Find a Show Bit Torrent you want to download

01-Etree-BT.jpg (52690 bytes)

Click on the link to "download"

02-Etree-BT.jpg (44817 bytes)


A box should pop up asking you to Open or Save....

You need to check the "SAVE this file to disk box"  then click ok

03-Download.jpg (21404 bytes)

Browse to the folder where you are going to save the show and double click the folder to open it

04-BTFolder.jpg (25421 bytes)

save the BitTorrent in that specific folder

05-BT.jpg (24989 bytes)

You can now click on that torrent and start it or come back later


If you double click on the .torrent you will get this type of box:   I am using the Shadow Bit Torrent program, so mine may look a bit different than yours.

06-BTStartup.jpg (31817 bytes)


It will start  and look like this

07-BTStartup.jpg (36858 bytes)

If all is correct, then it will start dowloading and you will see the download and upload rates increase

08-Startup.jpg (37558 bytes)


DETAILS section

09-Details.jpg (46578 bytes)

10-BTDetails.jpg (38286 bytes)


ADVANCED section

11-Advanced.jpg (46598 bytes)

12-BTAdvance.jpg (95196 bytes)




where you can change the ports

13-Prefs.jpg (46583 bytes)


14-Preferences.jpg (36941 bytes)


About Section

18-About.jpg (46658 bytes)

19-BTAbout.jpg (31561 bytes)



If you get a rejected by tracker - Port xxxx is blacklisted" error, Your client is reporting to the tracker that it uses one of the default bittorrent ports (6881-6889) or any other common p2p port for incoming connections.

Some Bit Torrent sites do not allow clients to use ports commonly associated with p2p protocols. The reason for this is that it is a common practice for ISPs to throttle those ports (that is, limit the bandwidth, hence the speed).

So, In order to use use those sites, you must configure your client to use any port range that does not contain those ports (a range within the region 49152 through 65535 is preferable

Do not ask in the forums, which ports you should choose. The more random the choice is the harder it will be for ISPs to catch on and start limiting speeds on the ports we use. If we simply define another range ISPs will start throttling that range also.

Finally, remember to forward the chosen ports in your router and/or open them in your firewall, should you have them


Click on the "Preferences" to get to the Port Range

15-Prefs-PortChange.jpg (52841 bytes)


Clear out the existing port numbers

16-Prefs-PortChange.jpg (52281 bytes)


Change to a port number such as this range

You must configure your client to use any port range that does not contain those ports (a range within the region 49152 through 65535 is preferable

17-Prefs-PortChange.jpg (53040 bytes)

Click SAVE and you should be good to go


You can do this while the BitTorrent is trying to share and once you change the ports you should see a change and the error message go away.  Give it a minute or two to switch.  Some Bit Torrent programs may need you to reboot and try again.