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Whether you are installing or reinstalling Windows 98 or adding or replacing a hardware component, if you have done your preparation and a little planning as mentioned throughout the support pages here, then clearing up device issues in the Windows 98 Device Manager should not be a problem.

Every day we receive email and calls from customers and non-customers regarding the resolution of problems in device manager, the majority of which could have been avoided. Here are a few of the problems that we feel are worth mentioning in an effort to have you avoid these difficulties. Regardless of whether you are a current customer of ours or a potential customer...

Let's work with device manager a little bit so that you two can become acquainted!

In order to get to Device Manager, you must go through Control Panel and then into System Properties.

To do this, click

Next, choose "Settings"

Next, select "Control Panel" and click once!

When "Control Panel" opens, it should look similar to this. Of course this example may have many more icons as it is a test machine, but yours will look similar.

ControlPanel.jpg (40562 bytes)

Now double click on the "System" icon

You should now see the "System Properties" page, which looks similar to the picture below. This is the "System Properties" page of our test machine, which has Windows Second Edition installed. Therefore, it is no doubt different from yours if you have installed the earlier edition.

Take note of the information you see at the "Systems Properties" page:

Now click on the "Device Manager" tab.

SystemProp1.jpg (23332 bytes)

When device manager first opens look along the left border of the device list and you will see small boxes with "+" signs in them . You will also see a list of all of the device categories created during the installation process.

Device.jpg (35867 bytes)

If you click on these + signs, they  will expand showing you a detail of all of the devices under that specific category, like this:

Device3.jpg (38300 bytes)

If you have a relatively new machine,  in all likelihood you will not see any problems in device manager, however device problems do occur and they can be resolved.

When device recognition problems occur during the installation phase of Windows 98, they will show up in device manager with either an exclamation mark in a yellow circle or a red to the left of the device, similar to the next picture.

Device.jpg (35867 bytes)

The exclamation point in a yellow circle is to alert you that the device is in what Microsoft refers to as a "problem state". If one of your devices is marked in this manner it could be for any number of reasons, however Microsoft does provide some methods to determine the cause.

If you click once on the device to highlight it, and then click on the "properties" button at the lower left, it will bring up the properties page for this specific device.

Drivererror.jpg (29732 bytes)

If you look at the "Device status" section you will note the phrase "This device is either not present, not working properly, or does not have all the drivers installed.

The important point to this, aside from the obvious that the device or component isn't working, is the "Code" assigned to the problem. While 99% of the time these problems result from the drivers not having been loaded or not loaded properly, when these problems do occur, you can look up the codes when replacing the drivers simply do no work.

You can locate each of the definitions for these codes by clicking this link :;EN-US;125174

As for problems that cause the red , this is a little more involved.

The red means that Windows 98 has found the device (it is present), and resources have been assigned to it such as an IRQ (interrupt request number) or other resources, but a "protected mode" 32 bit Windows 98 driver has not been loaded for it or one is not available and the device has been essentially disabled in Windows 98.

This problem can arise for any number of reasons. A few of these might either be a partial failure of the hardware device itself or that device is trying to access resources that Windows 98 has allocated or assigned to some other device that cannot be reassigned.



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