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Initial Setup, The Basics


Install EAC

During the install  you should be selecting the expert/advanced settings when installing. 

Failing to do this will leave a number of advanced options hidden that you'll need to access in a bit

After installing EAC Click on the shortcut and this is the first step

Move on to EAC>Drive Options (or press F10).

EAC-Drive.jpg (32810 bytes)

EAC-Drive-02.jpg (18990 bytes)

In the first tab, Extraction Method, click the button that says "Detect Read Features...

" and let EAC check out your drive. This may take a few moments.

When it's done, click Apply and then OK to close that box.

EAC-Drive-03.jpg (34938 bytes)


EAC should automatically check which boxes resulted in "yes" responses

when detecting the read features under Secure Mode


You need to make a couple of changes  This may seem excessive

but it's a one-time process which you'll never have to repeat

EAC-01.jpg (39313 bytes)


Either press F9 or Select EAC then EAC Options

Select the Normalize tab

EAC-02.jpg (30697 bytes)

Confirm that "Normalize" is UNCHECKED

EAC-Op-04.jpg (22020 bytes)


Sections 4 and 5  shows my own setup

 goldenforward.gif (1549 bytes)