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When a CD is detected this is what shows

EAC-04.jpg (80218 bytes)


Select the Filename tab

In the "Naming scheme" textbox Use the standard "naming scheme" . 

EAC-03.jpg (37153 bytes)

EXAMPLE:           gd1977-11-04d2t%N

gd = name of group

1977-11-04 = year - month - day

d = disc

2 = disc 2

t = track

%N = The program will assign the track number in succession

change the name to whatever the CD contains


Next hit F4,

or go to Action>Detect Gaps.

EAC-Gaps-01.jpg (45040 bytes)                    EAC-Gaps-02.jpg (32649 bytes)

When EAC is done detecting, go to Action>Leave Out Gaps

EAC-Gaps-03.jpg (44134 bytes)



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