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Selecting and Extracting


Now, hit Ctrl+A  or go to Edit>Select All

EAC-Edit.jpg (37081 bytes)

Then click on the WAV Icon      

EAC-WAVICON.jpg (31016 bytes)

or  go to  Action>Copy Selected Tracks>Uncompressed

EAC-Copy.jpg (55452 bytes)

A Dialog box pops up .....

Change to the correct file folder you want this to EXTRACT TO: 

Click SAVE

EAC-06.jpg (72189 bytes)

Then the EAC Dialog Box shows the progress

EAC-07.jpg (81433 bytes)

This is how the file folder looks as each file is Extracted

EAC-08.jpg (23327 bytes)




The last section shows how my own system is set up 

goldenback.gif (1554 bytes)                 goldenforward.gif (1549 bytes)

goldenhome.gif (2401 bytes)