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This is how I have my EAC Setup


EAC-Op-01.jpg (42392 bytes)


EAC-Op-02.jpg (42982 bytes)

EAC-Op-03.jpg (42400 bytes)


EAC-Op-04.jpg (22020 bytes)


EAC-Op-05.jpg (37153 bytes)


EAC-Op-06.jpg (25516 bytes)


EAC-Op-07.jpg (24521 bytes)

If you are going to extract to the same directory EVERY time

Then check the Other box

EAC-Op-08.jpg (31090 bytes)


EAC-Op-09.jpg (44974 bytes)


goldenback.gif (1554 bytes)                 goldenforward.gif (1549 bytes)

goldenhome.gif (2401 bytes)