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What are gaps (pre-track gaps)?

When playing an audio CD in a standalone player, often the time display will show up negative values before actually starting a track. This gap is usually used for separating two different tracks. If jumping to a specific track, it will start with the actual music, only when running into a track does the gap occurs.

Q:What is the difference between Gap Detection Methods A, B, & C ?

A: These are all different methods for retrieving the index markers (gaps, etc.). Some methods will work with some drives, the others won't, you should test all of them which works best for you. None of them is by used method better or worse than the other, but by used method the A is the fastest one and C the slowest (if it works correctly!).

Q:Should I be selecting Accurate, Inaccurate, or Secure in the "Gap Detection Accuracy" box?

A: Accurate Accuracy should be quite good for any CD. If there is a problem CD, where the gap detection hangs, try inaccurate, as it will go on, when no information could be gathered in a time. If you got gap length that are wrong only by some blocks, you could try to do gap detection again with secure settings.

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