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I am assuming you have already installed the FLAC program and have a shortcut now on your desktop



When you click on the FLAC Icon (which you put on your desktop)

This is what you first see


flac01.jpg (31520 bytes)


First Step is to change the OUTPUT Directory

This is so that when you convert the FLAC files it will go in the correct file folder (Directory)


flac02.jpg (63120 bytes)


Click on the button at the bottom right

Flac03.jpg (62636 bytes)


Select the Directory where the converted files will go


flac04.jpg (30930 bytes)



flac05.jpg (102325 bytes)


Select the file or files you wish to convert to .wav

hold down the shift key as you click (select) the files you want to decode

flac06.jpg (48879 bytes)

Click on the OPEN button

It will then put the selected files into the FLAC program to process


flac07.jpg (42567 bytes)

Next step is to DECODE


Click on the DECODE BUTTON


flac08.jpg (81345 bytes)


A DOS window will open and the decoding process will begin

flac09.jpg (52680 bytes)

You can see the real time decode process

flac10.jpg (41777 bytes)


And you can see the files going into the output directory

flac11.jpg (24862 bytes)


That is the basic steps on decode FLAC to .wav files


For explanations of the rest you should refer to the documentation