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Installing Windows 98
Part 2

Running Windows 98 Setup

To install Windows 98 on a computer with a new or reformatted hard disk, you will need start Setup from MS-DOS.


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At the prompt type:

a:\> e: setup

Step 10.jpg (43264 bytes)


a:\> f:setup


Step 12.jpg (38453 bytes)


depending on what drive has been assigned after formatting



Procedural Step-by-Step Installation

After starting Setup from MS-DOS or the CD Rom Disk (or the restore disk) the Windows 98 installer performs a routine check on your computer.

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The installer will:

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Setup prepares the Windows 98 Setup Wizard. Then, Setup starts its five-step installation process:

  1. Preparing to run Windows 98 Setup.
  2. Collecting information about your computer.
  3. Copying Windows 98 files to your computer.
  4. Restarting your computer.
  5. Setting up hardware and finalizing settings.
Step One: Preparing to Run Windows 98 Setup

During this step, Setup will prepare the Windows 98 Setup Wizard, which will guide you through the installation process.



Step Two: Collecting Information About Your Computer

During this step, Setup will collect information about your computer and prepare it for copying the Windows 98 files as it progresses through the following phases:


The License Agreement

After Setup Wizard is loaded, the License Agreement is displayed. You must accept the License Agreement to continue.

Product Key

Setup prompts you to enter the Product Key.

Type the Product Key in the spaces provided. The Product Key is located either on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or on the back liner of your Windows 98 compact disc. You will find either one or the other in your diskette packet If the number you type is not accepted, check the following:

Note: Corporate or network customers, the Product Key dialog box might not appear if you are installing Windows 98 from your network. This will depend on the requirements at your site.


Select Directory

After you enter your Product Key, the Select Directory dialog box appears.

The default directory is C:\Windows. If you want to install Windows in a directory other than C:\Windows, follow these steps.


To install Windows 98 in a new directory

  1. In the Select Directory dialog box, click Other directory, and then click Next.

  2. Type a new directory name, and then click Next. If you specify a directory that does not exist, Setup will create one for you.

The Change Directory dialog box appears.


Preparing Directory

After you select a directory, the Preparing Directory dialog box appears.

Setup checks for installed components and then checks whether there is adequate disk space for the files. It creates the Windows 98 directory structure, including all required folders under the \Windows (or \Your_InstallDirectory) and \Program Files folders.

Note: If there is not enough disk space, Setup Wizard prompts you to free some hard-disk space and then restart Setup.


Setup Options

Once Setup finishes setting up the directory structure, it prompts you to select the type of Setup you want through the Setup Options dialog box.

Each Setup option contains a specific set of components to install. When you choose a Setup option, Setup selects by default a set of appropriate components based on your choice. Later, through the Select Components dialog box, Setup gives you the choice to either accept the default selection or select your own components. We suggest that you select Custom and then work your way through each category and install all of the components you want at this time. This will save you time later in having to add a missing item.

Check TYPICAL Setup


Unless you have more confidence in your abilities you can read further between these lines


To choose a Setup option

Click this option
If you want

The default setup of all of the components that are usually installed with Windows 98.


This installs the options generally required for portable laptop computers.


The smallest possible installation of Windows 98. If you were upgrading from Windows 3.x or Windows 95, you may want to perform a Compact installation if your hard disk does not have much free space. With this setup, no optional components are installed. Later, should you want to use an optional component, such as Games or WebTV for Windows, then you would have to install it. To install an optional component after Setup is completed, you would use Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.


The Custom setup will enable you to choose just which optional components are installed. If you know you are going to need certain Windows components and not install others, you will want to select the Custom installation and ensure that those components are included during Setup.


User Information

After the Setup Options phase, Windows 98 Setup will ask you to type your name and company name, which Windows 98 uses to identify you for various operations. This information must be entered  for Setup to continue!

pic0898.gif (6880 bytes)


Windows Components

After you provide the user information, Setup displays the Windows Components dialog box.

If you select Install the most common components, Setup continues the installation.


IF you select Show me the list of components so I can choose, the Select Components dialog box appears.


Select Components

The Select Components dialog box will enable you to customize your installation and choose the components you want to install.

To select which components are installed

  1. In the Components list, click on a component set (for example, Communications), and then click Details. The shaded box means that only part of the component will be installed. A dialog box appears, listing the components in the category.

  2. Select or deselect the component you want to add or remove, and then click OK.

  3. Repeat this procedure for each category in the Components list in the Select Components dialog box.

  4. When you are satisfied with your selections, click Next. If you want to reset the list of components to the default, click Reset.

Note: You can install or remove any of these components after Windows 98 is installed by using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.




After you have selected which components you want to install, Setup prompts you to identify how you want your computer to be identified on your network by displaying the Identification dialog box. Note: This dialogue box will present itself regardless of whether or not you are on a network.

Establishing Your Location (Where in the world are you?)

Next, Setup prompts you to establish your location by displaying the Establishing Your Location dialog box.

Selecting your location will enable you to receive region-specific news and other information through media such as channels, and Web sites designed to deliver content from the Internet to your computer. Channels will become available on your Windows 98 desktop Channel Bar after a successful installation of Windows 98.

To establish a location for receiving region-specific Internet information

  1. From the Select your country or region from the list below list, click the country or region you want. For example, United States.
  2. Click Next

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