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shn to .wav


I am assuming you have already installed the MKW program
And you have a shortcut now on your desktop.

Also I am assuming you have transferred (copied) the shn's to your Hard Drive


Double click on it and bring up the program

MKW1.jpg (25900 bytes)

First thing is to change one default option so you dont lose your shn's after converting

Go to Options
Then Select File Options

MKW02.jpg (26018 bytes)


uncheck the box that says "delete input files after lossless processing"

The default is checked and you only need to do this once

MKW03.jpg (51797 bytes)


Next step is to decide where you want the wav's to go (output directory)

Click on the Browse Button

MKW04.jpg (55258 bytes)


Drill down thru your folders to where you want the wav's to go

MKW05.jpg (49915 bytes)


You can decide how many subfolders you have.......this is just an example

I do not recommend the wav's being in same folder as shn's (make a sub folder)

MKW06.jpg (51395 bytes)


MKW07.jpg (59694 bytes)


MKW08.jpg (35233 bytes)

MKW09.jpg (34938 bytes)


Click on the OK button....

That folder now appears in the output directory

MKW09a.jpg (53191 bytes)

Click on the CLOSE button


Next go to the folder where the shn's were put
(assuming you copied the shn's onto your HD first)

There are two ways you can start the conversion:

Drag and Drop   OR   Rightclick and select Decode to Wav


Drag and Drop:

Highlight all the shn's you want decoded (converted)

MKW11.jpg (52245 bytes)

Hold down the left mouse button
Drag over to the MKW window
Drop into the window


DragDrop2.jpg (129372 bytes)


Right Click to decode:

Highlight the shn's you want to convert to wav

MKW11.jpg (52245 bytes)

Right click on them

MKW12.jpg (81704 bytes)

MKW13.jpg (31568 bytes)


Check your destination folder and you will see them as they process