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In the past I have asked, "what are we going to do about this law”?

Well here is an answer.

This law was passed by the Senate and Congress. Then signed by the President.

98 out of a 100 senators voted for this

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357 out of 431 representatives voted for this

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How can you vote for someone who voted for or signed this bill?

Patriot Act

Patriot Act Summary

To change this law our voices need to be heard.   We do not have the luxury the President has with being able to reach all of America as seen with the State of the Union address where he calls on congress to extend this law.

I ask all of you to take the time and write your Senator and Representative

I suggest you keep the letter short an to the point  (Nothing like filling up the office with snail mail to make a point)

The links below will give you addresses of those you need to contact


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For more information you can contact me at





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