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Allow Yourself


Step 1    Click on RM Tools

RMTools.jpg (33316 bytes)


2.  Scroll Down to:

RefwizAllow.jpg (14080 bytes)

3.  Click on Submit Query button


4.  This box should come up

Password.jpg (24642 bytes)

5.  Complete your user name and password

6.  Click OK

7.  Your browser then should show you a simple page with several lines

      Each line represents an active room

      The first set of numbers is YOUR IP    

      The second set is for every room active

Refwizallow2.jpg (38306 bytes)



This is what the Refwiz should look like

Either check each box 

or click on SELECT ALL

Then hit the SCAN NOW button

Refwiz1.jpg (58441 bytes)



Make a desktop shortcut for your allow


1.   After you have "allowed yourself"   select "add to favorites"

Add01.jpg (13327 bytes)


Add02.jpg (34668 bytes)


2.  Click on LINKS folder  to place the bookmark in the LINKS folder

Add03.jpg (28764 bytes)


3. You can RENAME It  "Allow" at this point to make it easy to find

Add04.jpg (25608 bytes)


Click OK


4. Then  go to the LINKS at the top Find the "Allow"


FavoriteLink.jpg (33223 bytes)


5. Click and DRAG  the link to your desktop or make another shortcut and drag to your desktop

So you have a shortcut ON your browser when open

and on your desktop without your browser open


6. Click on the allow

  Shortcut01.jpg (42897 bytes)


7.   Scroll down to  "Create Shortcut" and click


Shortcut02.jpg (44794 bytes)

This creates another link (or shortcut) on the link toolbar


8. Find the shortcut (usually named Allow 2)  

    and drag OFF the link by clicking and holding down and dragging off to your Desktop


Findshortcut.jpg (44256 bytes)



Drag00.jpg (80499 bytes)


Now you have a Desktop Allow.
When you need to Allow or Re-Allow
Just click on the desktop link and it brings up the browser and does most of the work for you

Drag01.jpg (38798 bytes)